Be a Locavore

We were in Stephenville, TX for a child’s soccer game. Rather than drive an hour home for lunch, we used the AroundMe app to find a place to eat. Big O’s Simply Delicious Deli popped up, with great reviews.

The owner greeted us with a thick European accent. Upon asking, we learned he came to Texas from France, by way of Ireland.

What brought him to the Lone Star State, I wondered? “Love!” was the immediate reply. Aww!

As we inquired about the menu, he allowed me to sample each of his homemade sandwich spreads and sauces, then insisted I taste each of the soups. The line behind me lengthened, but the proprietor refused to rush me. He reveled in having acquired a new patron, and preened a little like a male peacock over his food wares. As he handed me several condiment containers of soup to sample he said, “This is the only place in town to offer you shots of soup.” 🙂

We were more than pleased with our individual lunch choices. My husband enjoyed his gyro, my soup hit the spot, and our son’s BLT was thick and flavorful. This has typically become our experience when we have skipped over the known chain restaurants to search out the local options.

Our next visit resulted in our youngest child declaring the owner to be the the best chef he knows. He enjoyed interviewing the culinary artist on how he learned to cook so well, specifically because the basmati rice was delicious despite his self-proclaimed dislike for rice.

Each time we forgo the usual franchise options to seek out local food establishments, not only is the food often delicious, but we frequently make a connection with a fellow food enthusiast or a lasting memory. So much more enjoyable than just stopping to fill our food fuel tank. I encourage you to discover your own local establishments. You’ll likely enjoy the flavor, as well as the flair!